hello, greetings, and welcome. I think some things are pretty nice.
queer and non-binary | they/them/their + xe/xem/xyr pronouns.
i made this blog to be more of a personal space.
my main blog is @prinxe-lain

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This is an amazing site for calming down after a panic attack or to get your mind off of anxieties, basically you just make sand art with your mouse. Highly recommend

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shiraz, iran


shiraz, iran


Dew beaded cobwebs & Moss polka-dots


Mount Auburn, Cincinnati


here’s to the disabled femmes

physically disabled femmes

learning disabled femmes

chronically ill femmes

neuroatypical femmes

all the femmes who  find it difficult to wear their clothes or make-up due to being low on spoons or because it creates conflict (e.g. sensory processing disorder)

femmes who find the time + energy to do it anyway

femmes who had to teach themselves how to make things more accessible for them

femmes who can’t but are no less femme

you are all amazing, keep rockin on


Clouds / mountains / light


Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas - Instant Crush

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i’m awake at 7:46 a.m. and i’m listening to daft punk and i’m so cozy……

i’m awake at 7:46 a.m. and i’m listening to daft punk and i’m so cozy……


+46° 0’ 1.13”, +6° 55’ 23.12”


+46° 0’ 1.13”, +6° 55’ 23.12”


My words are typically deliberate and direct, however I restrain myself. I don’t frequently express what I feel or need and I am going to work on that. My needs and desires have no hope of being met by those who love me unless I can express them.
I am afraid that I will become more work than I am worth and I need to remind myself that, that fear is unfounded because I am worth everything.

my face + some things i made while eating blueberries and sketching ideas out for an opposum tattoo